I have been involved in visual arts since grammar school drawing up posters for school events. Later I attended Norwich Free Academy and was accepted into the fine arts program. Which meant that while other students were suffering through academics 70% of my classes were art classes. After graduating I attended the Art Institute of Boston majoring if Graphic Design. I have been painting since my days at NFA. However pottery is something new to me. I did do some pottery at NFA, and I showed some promise but never kept going with it. 5 years ago, after 35 years, I have picked it up again. I feel like I never stopped. I joined the Canton Clay Works studio in Canton CT. 5 years later and I am now the studio manager there. I give my thanks to everyone who has mentored me, for instance Alan Tompkins who taught me the meaning of art ( I miss our talks) and now Tim Scull who has been teaching me all the skills of a potter from construction to wood firing to kiln maintenance. And of course my wife Cheryl who has put up with my art messiness through out. My sister Noreen who encourages me. My mother who inspired me and allowed me to pursue the arts as a youngster.

Fine Art Events

Happening Now:


Past Shows:
Pottery and paintings on display February - March 2020 at the Prosser library in Bloomfield CT.
Guilford Craft Expo 2019 - Guilford CT
Simsbury Arts and Crafts Festival 2019 - Simsbury CT
Featured Artist at the Creamery Gallery November 2019 - Canton CT
Simsbury Public Library - Simsbury CT